This is a romantic adventure
like no other!

Your wedding rings are a powerful symbol of commitment to one another. Attach a unique value to yours by designing and making them yourselves at our Master Goldsmith studios. The entire process takes about 5 to 6 hours and includes enough metal of your choice to make two rings.

Your wedding ring experience includes a working lunch, and we also take photos of you while you are making your rings, so you have a memorable documentation of your experience. To bring a nice conclusion to your memorable day, when the work is done, we provide a complimentary bottle of champagne to celebrate your beautiful new rings.

A wedding ring experience is not a class. Our master jeweler works exclusively with you to ensure your rings are everything you imagined and of an absolutely professional finish.

Frequently Asked Questions about making your wedding rings

Q: What happens if we mess up?

A: We won’t let you. Our jeweler works with you throughout the entire process to guide and assist you. We guarantee your rings will look as good as any professionally hand-made ring you could buy.

Q: What recycled metals can we choose for our rings?

A: All our metals are recycled! By far the most popular is white gold, followed by platinum and yellow gold. Ask us about other metals that may interest you, including fashionable palladium and Palladiere™.

Q: I'm not sure which metal to choose for our rings.

A: To view the properties and advantages of each of our three main metal groups (Gold, Platinum and Silver), Click Here.

Q: Can we make styles other than plain bands?

A: Absolutely. Visit our ring gallery [link] to see examples of rings other couples have made during their experience. If you have another style in mind, feel free to e-mail us an illustration. We’ll tell you whether you can make it as a part of A Wedding Ring Experience™.

Q: Can we have diamonds or other stones in our rings?

A: Yes, but gemstone-setting cannot be taught in a day. So you will make your rings and the Master Jeweler will set the gem stones for you.

Q: We have an old ring of my grandmother's. Can it be incorporated in our rings?

A: Yes. In most cases it can be melted and added or used as decoration. The jeweler, upon examining the ring, will determine if the metal is compatible.

Q: How long does it take to make both wedding rings?

A: Most couples complete their rings in a leisurely 5 to 6 hours or so.

Q: Can we take our rings away with us after we've made them?

A: Certainly – unless you’ve arranged for our jeweler to do some additional work such as setting stones, which will take additional time.

Q: Do we need an appointment to make our rings?

A: Yes. You can make an appointment by calling toll free 855-855-3312 or click here.

Q: What is included in our Wedding Ring Experience™?


  • The full services and guidance of a Master Jeweler.
  • Your choice of enough metal to make two rings of your chosen design (subject to a maximum).
  • Lunch of your choice.
  • Photographs of you making your rings.
  • A bottle of champagne.

Q: Is a deposit required when reserving our date?

A:Yes. A 50% deposit not only secures your date; more importantly it enables you to lock-in today’s price on your choice of precious metal. The deposit is used towards purchasing your metal at the time of your booking. Thus, deposits are non-refundable.

Q: What will our Wedding Ring Experience™ cost?

A: The price of Platinum, Gold, Palladium and Palladiere™ changes constantly.
Please call toll free 1-855-855-3312 for today’s quote for A Wedding Ring Experience.We will honor the price we quote you for 3 business days.

Because we purchase your metal when you book your wedding ring experience, the price is locked and guaranteed at booking, and will not change.

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couple happy with their rings