The Experience

Under the guidance of our experienced jewelers, this is how you will fashion completely unique wedding rings for each other or a special engagement ring with your own hands.

The process for each of our three main metal groups (Gold, Platinum and Silver) is the same.


1. Consulting

The Master Jeweler consults with you to determine the style of ring you would like to make. They have lots of samples to show you what different styles and finishes look like


2. Melting

Start by melting your metal and casting an ingot.


3. Milling

Mill your ingots into a “blank”, ready for forming.


4. Bending

Bend and form your metal into a rough ring shape.


5. Sawing

Cut the rough metal ring to the correct size and bring the ends together.


6. Soldering

Join the two ends together using precious metal solder.

7. Shaping & Polishing

Shape the ring into its final form and polish it for that extra sparkle.


8. Celebrate

When your rings are finished we provide you with a bottle of champagne to toast your handiwork.

Precious Metals offered by a wedding ring experience

A wedding ring experience offers all of the precious metals typically used for wedding rings.

  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • 18k & 14k Palladium White Gold
  • 18k & 14k Yellow Gold
  • 14k Rose Gold
  • Palladiere™

Platinum is the most precious of all metals. It is also the most dense and is about 25% heavier than gold. This makes platinum more durable and wear resistant than gold. Platinum is chemically inert, so it will not tarnish, corrode, oxidize or discolor.


Palladium is part of the Platinum family of metals. A precious metal in it own right, Palladium offers the strength and durability of platinum at much less cost. Because of it its strength, Palladium is often mixxed with gold to harden it.


Gold of any kind or color is the standard by which all precious metals are measured. Ever since mankind has been able to work this metal, it has been used for decorative purposes, valuing it for its beauty, reflective color and resistance to corrosion and tarnish. We offer gold in white, yellow and rose colors.


Palladiere™ is the most prestgious of the Sterling Silver Silver family of metals. It is a propretary alloy comprised of sterling silver, palladium and white gold. This mix of metals makes Palladiere harder, more durable, and more tarnish resistant that regular sterling silver.

A Comparison of  Platinum, Palladium, White Gold and Palladiere™


Industrial Metals 

We are sometimes asked if we can help couples make rings of non-precious industrial metals such as tungsten carbide and titanium. These industrial metals are difficult to fashion into jewelry and are literally worth only pennies – and will never be worth more. At A Wedding Ring Experience, we are intent on helping couples make rings of heirloom quality that can be worn for a lifetime, can increase in value, and can be passed on to future generations (with a little story of how you acquired them!).

industrial metals